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Vaishali Pharma will take over domestic and international marketing operations of Sankalp Life Care, agreement signed between the two companies

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Today, we, at Vaishali Pharma, have achieved the finest milestone of our growth plan. The joint venture of Vaishali Pharma Ltd and Sankalp LifeCare, a neutraceutical industry; will bring a new success story with new milestones to achieve.

Vaishali Pharma, the fastest growing exporter of pharmaceutical formulations and Ahmedabad-based Sankalp LifeCare, a leading manufacturer of nutraceuticals, have come together to form a synergistic partnership that will help both the companies grow faster.

Vaishali Pharma and Sankalp LifeCare, have signed up a unique partnership agreement, which is a first in nutraceuticals' market.As per the agreement signed between the two companies, Vaishali Pharma will be taking over the domestic and international marketing operations of Sankalp LifeCare.

Nutraceuticals is a rapidly growing segment in India and moreover, after the pandemic, the entire world has laid emphasis on prevention which is better than cure. Likewise; immunity building, use of probiotics (good bacteria), products for physical fitness, dietary supplements, prevention of chronic diseases and much more, are the prime areas wherein nutraceutical products have played a vital role.

Our goal is to cater top-notch quality products, with innovative nutraceutical formulations, at better pricing to benefit our society in all ways that we can. We continue to strive for providing "Healthy Healthcare Solutions".